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Miley Cyrus

Born on November 23, 1992, in Frankling, Tennessee, USA girl named Destiny Hope Cyrus. after her birth her father gave her a nickname which was ?Smiley.? Shortly after his new nickname was Miley. She changed her name when she was 16. Miley appeared in a small television in the program of his father ?Doc? in 1993. She also appeared as a girl named Ruthie in the movie ?Big Fish? in 2003. She is now in one of the most popular Disney Channel series ?Hannah Montana?, together with his father, Emily Osment, Musso Micthell and many other actors / actresses. Miley?s latest projects is called ?The Last Song. She filmed the movie in North Carolina in the summer of 2009. She filmed the movie with Liam Hemsworth, her fiance and much more. ?The Last Song / The last song? was written by Nicholas Sparks, also author of the bestseller New York ?The Notebook?. Miley has more projects coming soon such as ?LOL:Laughing Out Loud?, ?So Undercover?. She got lots of projects for 2012 with her movies coming and out and also her new management coming with a new album which is rumored to come out in 2013.
hun ble fdt 23 november 1992. I Franklin, Tennessee, USA. Hun ble fdt med navnet Destiny Hope Cyrus. Men etter hvert ga faren hennes et kallenavn. Som frst var "Smiley" som senere ble forkortet til Miley. Hun forandet navnet sitt til Miley nr hun var 16 r gammel. I 1993 var hun med p ett program med faren hennes. "Doc" hun har ogs spilt inn en stemme som Ruthie i filmen "Big Fish" i 2003. Hun var med p en av disneys mest popolre porogram. "hannah montana" med hennes far, Emily Osment, Mitchell Musso og mange andre. En av Mileys siste prosjekter var "The last song" hun spilte inn filmen i North Carolina p sommeren i 2009. Hun spilte filmen sammen med Liam Hemsworth, hennes forlovede. Filmen ble skrevet av Nicholas Sparks, som ogs har laget "The Notebook". Miley har flere filmprosjekter som. "LOL: Laughing out loud" "So undercover"Hun har flere prosjekter for 2012, med filmer som kommer ut. Og hennes nye album som kommer ut i 2013.
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